Derrick "Dereleek" is a member of the R.H.P.C and appears in Ryan's videos and breakdances.

Derrick was born on June 14, 1987 in California. His birth sign is gemini.

He's currently dating Erika who is also seen in some of Ryan's videos. He recently got a haircut, now being bald.

Derrick has a show with another RHPC member named paco on the HigaTV channel.

YouTube Edit

Aside from appearing on NigaHiga, Dereleek has his own YouTube channel, "dereleekmedia," where he posts comedic videos similar to Ryan's. As of April 2017, his channel has accumulated over 4.75 million views and got over 85 thousand subscribers. He uploads once or twice a month, and on average, his videos earn about 10,000 views each.