Ryan Higa is an Asian YouTuber who was born on June 6, 1990 in Hilo, Hawaii (United States). He has two channels called nigahiga and HigaTV. nigahiga is his main channel, where he uploads scripted videos (except for the occasional I Dare You with special guests) like skits, music videos, or rants. HigaTV, a second channel, is a place where he uploads unscripted content like Bloopers and Behind The Scenes, Trip videos, I Dare You, TeeHee Time, Sean's Room, random games and challenges. He called this channel as his "freedom channel," because unlike his first channel where he needs to meet people's expectations, he uploads whatever he feels like uploading on his second channel—that includes random videos or deleted scenes that weren't "good enough" to be on his first channel.

He has an older brother named Kyle Higa, who is a radiologist and lives in Las Vegas. His parents are named Wendell Higa and Luci Higa. They live in Hilo, Hawaii (Ryan's house before he moved to Vegas for college).

For more details about Ryan's life, take a look at his wikipedia page.

Trivia Edit

  • Ryan first uploaded videos on YouTube to share videos with his friends and family, thinking it was a private way to share videos as he said, "I thought it was like a dropbox type of thing".
    • This may explain why some of Ryan's earliest videos are now privated.
  • Ryan originally went to college to study nuclear medicine, but he switched to film major on his first semester and just ended up dropping out later.
  • Ryan's favorite color is green.
  • Ryan was Tyler Oakley's first YouTube crush (as Tyler said in this video and this tweet).
  • RHPC refers to Ryan's house as "houth".
  • Ryan said that the word "niga" (pronounced knee-guh) from his username meant "rant" in Japanese, but there actually is no such word as "niga" in Japanese (and to add to that, Ryan doesn't speak Japanese) so the origin of his username is still unknown.
  • Ryan Higa often creates skits either with or without friends
  • In one dear Ryan he fell in love and broke up with a tree named Katrina

Music Edit

Ryan likes all kinds of music, for example country, and pop. He also likes malevolent and violent music like rock or hard rock. Though not evil himself, Ryan sure likes to dress emo. In 2006; Ryan really adored classical music