"You'll never not get not lost never again!"


Ryan begins the video by presenting the iNavigator like a regular salesman. The iNavigator, which is basically a human that speaks like a GPS, is shown to be far superior to other navigation systems. Ran goes on to describe the different styles of iNavigators. Male, Female, Gangster, Ninja, Emo, Unconfident and KPOP. A clip of a "satisfied customer" is shown, in which the driver is thourougly frustrated by the constantly malfunctioning INavigator. The driver becomes so frustrated that he begins to swear, at which point Ryan appears again and says that the iNavigator censors all cursing. The driver continues to swear and the iNavigator censors it. Ryan appears again and tells the viewer to call the number on the screen (which is about 60 numbers long). A spoof of a warning message then plays before the end.